Wes Moore

Wes Moore

Wes is a senior writer. In a 38-year reporting career for TMag, he has been on three teams that have won Pulitzer Prizes, most recently in 2017 for international reporting. His newest book, “What is this?, What is that?,’’ and a TMag Video documentary by the same title, examine the emergence of cyberconflict and its role in changing the nature of global power.

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This Might Not Be a Cold War, but It Feels Like One

Even at their worst moments, the Americans and the Soviets kept talking. Today, U.S.-China contacts are scarce, while Beijing and Moscow move closer together.


Apple Extends Reach With $800 Watch, as New iPhone Inches Along

The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at endurance athletes, a market dominated by Garmin. Apple also introduced updated AirPods.


Saudi-Tied Tournament Causes Push to Void Trump’s N.Y.C. Golf Contract

City Council leaders asked Mayor Eric Adams to end the Trump Organization’s contract to run a city-owned golf course in the Bronx and to cancel a tournament next month.


Very Scary People – Everyone Loves A Good Ghost Story

In 1974, a mass murder shook the sleepy waterfront town of Amityville, New York. One November night, police found the DeFeo family shot dead, face down in their beds. Only one survived: Ron DeFeo Jr., the eldest son with a troubled past. In this six-part series, host Donnie Wahlberg untangles the dark and complicated story […]


Political Briefing – Biden’s ‘Cancer Moonshot’ & Midterm Messaging

The midterm primary season ends today, as voters in Delaware, Rhode Island and New Hampshire head to the polls. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down the marquee race to watch – the GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire. Plus, two former Trump administration officials are going head-to-head for a congressional seat in the state, […]


Tug of War – 100 Days Later, Ukraine’s Fight Continues

He was in Kyiv at the very start of the invasion – Senior International correspondent Matthew Chance returns to find a city experiencing an uneasy calm. Meanwhile, brutal fighting continues in the South and East as the Ukrainians go on a counter-offensive, hoping to retake Russian-occupied territory. We examine what life is like for everyday […]


Trump team opposes Justice Department’s special master candidates

The Justice Department said it is open to a judge appointing one of the candidates that former President Donald Trump’s legal team put forward as a special master to review the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago, according to a court filing Monday evening. DOJ said senior Judge Raymond Dearie is acceptable, along with its two previously proposed selections: retired federal judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffith.


Celebrities, Shows and Clothes: Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week

Though fashion week returned, in theory, a year ago, the lingering effects of Covid meant that a handful of designers continued to stay away, either because of the quarantine rules in their home countries or because they weren’t psychically ready for The Return. Most restrictions are now gone, and a full in-person season starts on Sept. 9 with a four-week schedule as jam-packed with IRL shows as it was prepandemic — maybe even more jam-packed. In other words, fashion month may have been back, but now it’s back back.


Sending Out an S.O.S.

If you saved me and my sister on a cold, rainy night in Alaska 34 years ago, I would like to thank you.


Woman Gets 4 Months After Shoving Flight Attendant, Spitting on a Passenger

Kelly Pichardo, 32, will also have to pay more than $9,000 to American Airlines for the altercation, which came as incidents involving unruly passengers unnerved airline workers and the public.


Lake Superior Is Cold, Sparsely Settled and Known for Bad Weather. Perfect for Cruising, Some Say.

As cruising picks up, one small Wisconsin port weighs the pros and cons of more ships and their impact on the town and the environment.


Golf Clubs That Go Beyond the Front (and Back) Nine

Recently, resorts historically known for golf have started luring visitors and residents with footgolf, glow golf, snowshoeing and other activities.


Looking to Pair Golf and Real Estate? Try Greece.

New courses are being built in the country or have recently debuted, while existing ones have seen renovations.


Traveling This Fall? Expect Cheaper Prices, ‘Seasonal Drift’ and, Yes, Chaos

After a haywire summer of flight cancellations and delays, travelers remain eager to roam, returning to familiar hot spots like New York, Europe and the Caribbean. Here’s what they can expect this season.


United Airlines Plans to Halt J.F.K. Service Unless It Gets More Slots

The carrier asked regulators to let it schedule more flights at the New York airport, where it resumed operations only last year.


Desert Winemaking ‘Sounds Absurd,’ but Israeli Vineyards in Negev Show the Way

As vintners around the world battle extreme heat and climate change, the pioneers producing wine in Israel’s arid south are testing ideas that might soon find global application.


Stanley Turkel, Manager and Avid Historian of Hotels, Dies at 96

As vintners around the world battle extreme heat and climate change, the pioneers producing wine in Israel’s arid south are testing ideas that might soon find global application.


To Fight Inflation, Spain Offers Free Train Tickets

Rail passengers will be able to take free train journeys under 300 kilometers (186 miles) until the end of the year.


Air France Under Scrutiny Over Safety Incidents

Air France Under Scrutiny Over Safety Incidents


Tedeschi Trucks Band Brings Something New to the Beacon: A Four-Part LP

“I Am the Moon,” inspired by the 12th century Persian poem “Layla and Majnun,” gave the roots rockers focus, perspective and a host of new songs to play at their New York residency.


‘Little Venice’ Finally Gets its Moment

With a ban on large cruise ships in the waters surrounding Venice, nearby Chioggia is one of the new go-to ports. While many welcome the new visitors, some worry that the tourism boom could turn sour.


A Water Slide (Plus a House) in the Ocean: House Hunting in Maldives

Homes in the archipelagic state are often handed down from generation to generation, while foreigners are limited to vacation villa packages on resort islands.


Ray Edenton, ‘A-Team’ Studio Guitarist in Nashville, Dies at 95

In a career that spanned four decades, he played on thousands of sessions and accompanied many of the biggest names in country music.


Trombone Champ Makes a Hit Video Game of an Unlikely Instrument

We asked several trombone players what they made of the popular new game, which laughs both at and with their instrument. Spoiler: They like it, too.


Shakira Is Accused of Tax Evasion in Spain. Here’s What We Know.

Prosecutors have charged the Colombian singer and pop star with six counts of tax fraud for failing to pay 14.5 million euros in income taxes. She could face a steep fine and a prison sentence.


A Baltimore Hotel With Four-Poster Beds and Flamingos Aplenty

Plus: a clamshell chandelier, photography capturing deforestation and more recommendations from T Magazine.


We’re Reading Toni Morrison’s ‘Jazz’

Join T Magazine and poet Morgan Parker for a virtual conversation on Oct. 27.


From Christopher John Rogers and Orior, a Vibrant Chair Collection

Plus: joyful queer art, a hotel inside a former bank and more recommendations from T Magazine.


Will cities survive permanent work from home?

As the list of companies offering flexible work schedules grows, the businesses and infrastructure that supported office workers in major cities could crumble.


Could this be the cure to our plastic problem?

Newlight Technologies has developed an innovative, biodegradable plastic alternative that can capture greenhouse gases and won’t pollute our oceans. It’s called AirCarbon.


How can the stock market be booming?

Jon Sarlin explains why just looking at the stock market at a time of mass unemployment isn’t good enough.


Meet the astronauts set to make history in a SpaceX capsule

Veteran NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley speak with CNN Business’ Rachel Crane about their upcoming test flight aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. They’ll be the first humans sent to space from US soil since the Shuttle program ended almost a decade ago.


TikTok: Is the security threat real?

Video sharing app TikTok is experiencing record-setting growth. But now it could be banned in the US. CNN Business explains why politicians fear TikTok’s automatic data collection could prove a national security threat.


The moral dilemma of doing business in China

From airlines to the NBA, Christine Romans explains why American companies often end up compromising on moral positions to appease China.


iPhone 14: Not so far out after all

The iPhone 14 is a modest update to the iPhone 13, and that’s being generous. The cameras are better, including a much-improved selfie camera, and there’s support for a new satellite emergency messaging feature that could save your neck if you’re lost in the woods. But the phone that Apple introduced as “Far out” feels like it’s awfully close to home.