The moral dilemma of doing business in China

From airlines to the NBA, Christine Romans explains why American companies often end up compromising on moral positions to appease China.

Brett Favre’s Most Memorable Stat May Be $8 Million Meant for the Poor

His role in the misappropriation of welfare money has infuriated people in his native Mississippi and prompted some fans to call for his removal from the Hall of Fame.

Sleepy Corner of U.K.’s Pension Industry Forced the Bank of England’s Hand

Complex financial instruments that pension funds use to minimize the impact of interest rate changes led to the bond market rout.

Porsche Shares Jump in Blockbuster Market Debut

Volkswagen spun off the German carmaker on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where its stock began trading higher despite a broader decline in European markets.

For China’s Auto Market, Electric Isn’t the Future. It’s the Present.

More electric cars will be sold in the country this year than in the rest of the world combined, as its domestic market accelerates ahead of the global competition.

C.E.O. of Celsius, the Crypto Bank, Resigns

Alex Mashinsky, the founder of Celsius, which filed for bankruptcy in July, said his role had “become an increasing distraction.”

Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s

U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a rebound, with companies adding workers amid high consumer demand for products.


Kushner’s Company Reaches $3.25 Million Settlement in Maryland Lawsuit

The apartment company charged illegal fees and failed to adequately address leaks, mold and rodent infestations in its properties, the Maryland attorney general said.

British Pound Touches Record Low as Investors Balk at Government’s Tax Plans

The British currency briefly reached a low point against the U.S. dollar, and statements from the government and central bank did little to steady the markets.

King Charles Bank Notes Won’t Circulate Until Mid-2024

The likenesses of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II will be in circulation simultaneously in Britain, the Bank of England said.

Why King Charles’s profile may face left on British coins, and why it matters.

Queen Elizabeth II faced right on British coins. Her son and successor might face the other way.

Biogen Agrees to Pay $900 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Kickbacks

The company was accused of illegally paying doctors to prescribe its drugs over those of its rivals.

The world economy is slowing more than expected, a new forecast shows.

The global economy is paying “a very heavy price” for Russia’s war in Ukraine, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

An Israel-Lebanon Border Deal Could Increase Natural Gas Supplies

Offshore gas fields in the Mediterranean could become one of several new energy sources for European countries as they seek independence from Russia.

Federal Government’s $20 Billion Embrace of ‘Climate Smart’ Farming

The techniques are a cornerstone of the Agriculture Department’s approach to addressing a warming planet, but it is unclear whether more widespread deployment of such methods can truly reverse the effects of climate change.

Inflation Has Hit Tenants Hard. What About Their Landlords?

Publicly traded corporate landlords are reporting some of their highest margins ever, while smaller operators say rent increases are eaten up by costs.

Asia (Much of It, Anyway) is Back. And So Are Deals for Hotels, Cruises, Tours and More

International airfares aside, the region that has long been a value-lover’s paradise will once again offer a range of tempting bargains.


How the Passage of Time Softened the Fury Over Diana’s Death

A quarter-century ago Princess Diana’s shocking death provoked outrage at the royal family. Queen Elizabeth’s passing, in contrast, has been draped in civility and respect.

This Might Not Be a Cold War, but It Feels Like One

Even at their worst moments, the Americans and the Soviets kept talking. Today, U.S.-China contacts are scarce, while Beijing and Moscow move closer together.

Apple Extends Reach With $800 Watch, as New iPhone Inches Along

The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at endurance athletes, a market dominated by Garmin. Apple also introduced updated AirPods.